Strength Training For Runners: Fundamental 1

By improving our strength, capacity and tolerance we can improve our running performance and likely reduce the chance of injury.

When we talk about capacity, capacity is the bodies ability to withstand the required stressors, and that is over and over again with runners. It assumes we can tolerate all forms of stress and we need to train to tolerate these stressors. For example, running can get up to 7x bodyweight through knees. It also assumes the body can get into “bad” positions and tolerate it, demanding the most out of each joint. So improving what we can achieve from our body will improve our running and hopefully reduce our risk of injury. 

With strength training we need the baseline, fundamental strength first and then we can move onto what are the key movements (+ heavy weight) for runners. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is a good starting point to build some of this baseline strength.

1. Double leg glut bridge 3×20 into single leg glut bridge when comfortable 3×12-20
2. Double leg hamstring bridge 3×20 into single leg hamstring bridge when comfortable 3×12-20
3. Side straight leg raise 3×12-20
4. Double leg calf raises 3×20 into single leg calf raises when comfortable 3×12-20
5. Knee extension with resistance (band or ankle or ankle weights 3×12-20

I would expect this to take 2-4 weeks before moving on to the next stage. Aim to complete 2-3 times a week alongside training programme

Double Leg Glut Bridge
Double Leg Hamstring Bridge
Side Leg Raise
Resisted Knee Extension