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Musing from The Physio and Running World
  • Shoulder Study Day 2017

    I do love a shoulder….so big thanks to Prof Tony Kochar for the invite to this very good Shoulder Study Day. A great line up, which I hope I can do justice, and a great setting on the 18th floor of the Shard, and you can always tell a good study day by the quality […]

  • Sports Kongres 2017

    Well wasn’t that just great!I’m fairly new on the conference scene having attended only a handful but I now know where I need to be in February 2018.Sports Kongres is without a doubt a conference at the top of its game. Leading names from all of sports medicine, quality in every presentation you struggle to […]

  • ER-WCPT – Did I Learn Anything

    I hope the title doesn’t give it away too much. I left with many intriguing thoughts but unsure of what I gained. I did however love putting some names and twitter conversations to faces and had some real good live conversations of which I hope will continue on.So to the conference itself. Now I am […]

  • At Some Point

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  • The Quote

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