Brad completed London Marathon for a charity in 2012, in 4 hours and 17 minutes and did everything wrong!

As football and basketball careers wound to an end he always had in his head he had to go back to marathon distance and beat that time.

And so it began.

In November 2017 he began to run again, setting a target of a sub 4 hour marathon at Brighton 2018. This was achieved in 3 hours and 35 minutes.

As well as achieving his goal, he was enthralled by the process and the science of training and competed, more targets were set and more targets fell:

5km : 18 m 37s

10km : 38m 39s

Half Marathon : 1h 27m 58s

Marathon : 3h 18m 22s

He is now aiming to go sub 3h 10m in Manchester, and then chase down the 3 hour in October.

The application of his training, and output on social media has generated lots of support and some really nice interest in people wanting to achieve similar goals, and almost by falling into it, Brad now writes online plans for people looking to meet endurance running targets. So far he has helped a 60 year old achieve a sub 4:30 marathon, a 39 year old complete a sub 4:30 marathon after an injury in the lead up, and a 30 year old achieve her first ever 10km. And looking forward to hopefully helping many more targets fall.

Check out what he has to offer here.

As well as being a specialist Physio, Brad qualified as a sports scientist, and is currently studying for his strength and conditioning certification and run coaching qualifications.

He puts his own unique spin on training programmes, personalising for the individual. There will be no long stretching programmes, minimal warm ups, you will be asked to do a degree of strength training, and of course run!