Running and Stretching: Research Paper


“Impact of stretching on the performance and injury risk of long-distance runners” Baxter et al (2016)

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Aim: The article recognises that stretching is typically carried out by individuals undertaking sporting activity whether they are elite or recreational, and that it has long been thought to ‘improve performance, reduce injury and generally advantageous to the athlete’.

However is it? Is it based on science? Or are we just being presumptuous?

This paper looked at running. Another blog and one of my favourites by top physio Adam Meakins  (here) examines it across sport. 


Acute Stretching – stretching completed prior to an event 

This was found to reduce running economy and performance for up to an hour by diminishing the musculotendinous stiffness and elastic energy potential 

Chronic Stretching – stretching done regularly throughout days, weeks and months

This was found to be unable to reduce the length or intensity of delayed onset of muscular soreness (DOMS) and no effect at reducing injury.