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Bradley Scanes

Bradley Scanes

MSc BSc (Hons) PGcert, Chartered Physiotherapist & Performance Coach (CSP, HCPC, ACPSEM & NSCA Member)

Brad is a Specialst Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Performance Coach working in Formula One with a Red Bull Racing Driver; consulting to the British Gymnastics Team; and working in Private Practice in his home town of Chelmsford, Essex, as well as consulting in London and Monaco.

He has previously been a Clinical Lead in the NHS, lectured at the University of Essex and Physiotherapist for Professional Football Side Southend United and Team GB Basketball as well as being lead Physiotherapist at Deng Camp.

He is passionate about applying sound and robust rehabilitation principles to pain and injury to help people recover, get better and then stay fit and healthy.

Brad initially gained a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University before following his interest in injury and rehabilitation and completing a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy. From here he completed his junior rotations at a large acute hospital working across intensive care, stroke and neurology and trauma and elective surgeries such as hip and knee surgery. His passion however was with musculoskeletal physiotherapy which has taken him to where he is now.

Last year he had the pleasure of the success of his athletes achieving a European and World Championship gold medal and this year could be even bigger as he looks to be a small part of Olympic and Formula One success.

Brad likes to consider himself a specialist generalist continuing to assess, treat and train every area of the body with his key interests and skills lying in shoulder pain, running injuries, tendon pain and arthritis care, particularly in the younger athletic population. Brad loves to seamlessly switch between the demands of the highest level of sport and the demands of everyone else with pain and injury in clinic. He believes much of what is done in elite sport can be replicated in clinic to help everyone else get better and he enjoys treating a mixture of age groups, whether that is learning to walk again or returning to an activity such as running.

In his spare time Brad will be running himself; marathon training, or playing football and following his beloved Chelsea FC. He has spoken at evening lectures in the profession, and has featured on many podcasts whilst writing regularly for blogs.

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