Online courses and ebooks to guide you all the way from pain to performance.

Courses and guides will include:

  • How to help self-diagnose yourself away from the noise on the internet.
  • How to work out how the injury might have occurred so you can prevent the same thing happening in the future.
  • How to reduce pain with various techniques including hands on, taping amongst others.
  • Step by step guide with included video library of how to effectively rehabilitate yourself with key markers to achieve before moving to the next stage.
  • Step by step guide of how to return to running (or other activity).

In the meantime, if you are injured or in pain and struggling to recover, scroll to the bottom of the page and book an online appointment.

Shin Splints


Step by step guide of how to recover from Shin Splints

Home Strength Test


Are you strong enough to perform and aid injury prevention? Use this home based test to find out, with 1-1 follow up options!

Home Low Back Rehab

FREE (Click to download)

Body Weight and Resistance Band Low back Exercises

“227 days on…..cannot thank Bradley Scanes enough for getting me here…..forever grateful …never say it can’t be done!”

Steve Wareham, PE Teacher, return to skiing after a total hip replacement.

Let’s figure it out together.